Business Analysis

Enhance your Business Transformation journey with Codex's Business Analysts. Make informed decisions, optimise processes, and achieve sustainable growth by leveraging the power of precise insights.

Business Analysis: Optimised processes for sustainable growth

Poorly designed legacy business processes create inefficiencies and often hinder informed decision-making. Our Business Analysts tackle these issues by closely analysing data, identifying opportunities, and recommending strategies that enhance efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Codex’s Business Analysts collaborate closely with your teams to have a deeper understanding of your business needs. We collate functional and non-functional requirements prior to undertaking a dive deep into your data and processes, extracting actionable insights that guide your transformation strategy. From process optimisation to prototyping and wireframing, our data-driven approach empowers your decisions, aligning them with business priorities.

Through Codex’s Business Analysts, you gain a competitive edge with data-backed decisions. Drive operational excellence, seize growth opportunities, and position your organisation for long-term success with our holistic approach.

Engaging Codex’s Business Analysis services can help your organisation to:

Undertake a current state assessment to identify inefficiencies, gaps, and opportunities for improvement.
Create process maps that help you to understand the flow of tasks, identify bottlenecks, and design more efficient processes.
Identify discrepancies between current and desired states by identifying gaps in processes, systems, or capabilities, and propose solutions to bridge those gaps.
Analyse data to provide insights that drive better decision-making and inform strategic initiatives.
Create compelling business cases for initiatives. We help you outline the benefits, costs, and risks of proposed projects to secure support and funding.
Assess the financial benefits of proposed projects, aiding in prioritisation and decision-making.
Design and orchestrate User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to validate that the proposed solutions meet the expectations of end-users.
Document functional and non-functional requirements for development and implementation by collecting and analysing business requirements.
Monitor and evaluate implemented solutions, identifying areas for continuous and sustainable improvement.

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