Technology for a Sustainable Future

We’re passionate about using technology to help values-aligned organisations solve complex challenges and make a positive impact on the world.

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Our Services

Industry Leading Capability for Positive Impact

We seamlessly blend our expertise in AI & MLOps, Cloud, Data & Analytics, Digital, and Project Services to craft intelligent, sustainable solutions that empower you to responsibly achieve your business goals.

Our engagements:

Tick Focus on client & community outcomes

Tick Use sustainable technology & infrastructure

Tick Are transparent & collaborative

AI & ML Ops

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is transforming businesses by enabling them to automate, optimise, improve decision-making, and deliver better customer experiences.

Codex’s Machine Learning Ops framework helps data scientists and operations teams work together seamlessly to deploy and manage Machine Learning models more quickly and efficiently.


Embarking on a cloud journey can be a transformative experience for any organisation.

We offer a comprehensive suite of AWS Cloud services to guide you through every step of your cloud journey, from initial assessment and planning to deployment, optimisation, and ongoing support.

Data & Analytics

In today’s data-driven landscape, organisations often struggle to extract meaningful insights from their data.

Our Data & Analytics services address this challenge by turning raw data into actionable intelligence, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive business growth.


Digital transformation is a complex undertaking, and it can be difficult to manage all the different aspects of the process. Many organisations embark on digital transformation without a clear vision of what they want to achieve or a strategy for how to get there.

Codex can work with you to see the big picture and formulate and deliver the most appropriate solution.

Project Services

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organisations face constant challenges in adapting to evolving market conditions, technological advancements, and customer expectations.

Our comprehensive suite of Project services empowers you to navigate these challenges and drive transformative change within your organisation.

Websites & Integrations

In a digital world where your customers and clients can be found online, you need a website that is functional, well-designed, and customer-focussed.

Our team of website designers and developers have deep experience building websites with exceptional user experiences that are on-brand and conversion-optimised.

Our Commitments

Innovation Aligned with Social Responsibility

At Codex, our values drive our behaviour. We pride ourselves on delivering meaningful impact for value-aligned organisations, in industries that are integral to a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future.

To our clients
To our community
To our people

We are in this together

We are your trusted partner, and understand that your success is also our success. Our research-driven, science-backed and customer-focused approach ensures that your needs are heard throughout every step of an engagement with us.

Codex works with you to deliver solutions that optimise your organisation, increasing efficiency and reducing resource expenditure.


We’re for profit, for impact

We are passionate about supporting initiatives in our local communities that contribute to a sustainable, equitable and prosperous future for all. We are involved in regular community initiatives including plant-a-tree days, coastal clean-ups, community kitchen volunteering and blood/plasma donations.

Current impact projects include the development of our Reconciliation Action Plan, B Corp Certification, and pro-bono engagement with Girls from Oz.

The heart of Codex

We acknowledge that we wouldn’t be here without our incredibly skilled and talented team.

Our people are empowered to be the best versions of themselves, and are given the opportunity to work flexibly to suit their circumstances. We lead with empathy, and act authentically.

The Codex workforce has access to regular personal and professional development opportunities, with personalised Career Development frameworks aligning to each individual’s aspirations.


Years in business


Employee Net Promoter Score

Global ENPS benchmark is 15.
10-30 is good, 30-50 is great, 50-70 is excellent.


Organisational sustainability assessments completed


Projects completed

Our Industries

Transformative Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

At Codex, we want to contribute to a healthier planet that fosters thriving communities for generations to come. We know that every choice we make as a business holds power, which is why we prioritise collaborating with value-aligned organisations in high-value industries.

We work with organisations that:

1 Focus on their community

2 Have sustainable development goals

3 Are dedicated to positive, long-lasting societal impacts

Aged Care

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Helping providers improve operational efficiency, patient care, and overall quality of life.

Financial Services

Learn more >

Helping financial services companies navigate the rapidly evolving landscape.


Learn more >

A trusted partner leveraging our expertise to drive efficiency, innovation, and citizen engagement.


Learn more >

A proven track record of delivering innovative solutions that address the sector’s challenges.


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Driving digital transformation through innovative solutions that improve efficiency, security and agility.


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Guiding adoption of new technologies such as automation, machine learning & data analytics.

Health, Fitness & Wellness

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Helping organisations improve their operations and deliver better customer experiences.


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Supporting digital transformation that improves efficiency, sustainability, and customer service.

Our Partners

Partnerships Driving Positive Change

At Codex, we proudly partner with industry-leading technology platforms to deliver innovative, transformative and sustainable solutions to businesses.

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Government Panels

Co-creating Solutions that Serve the Public Good

We have deep experience working in the government sector, delivering impactful outcomes for Australian citizens.

BUY ICT – Digital Marketplace
Agile Delivery and Governance, Strategy and Policy, User Research and Design

BUY ICT – Software Marketplace
Category 2 – Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) software and services

ICT Services Panel
Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy

IT Consulting and Professional Services Panel
Experience and Strategy

Case Studies

Impactful Success Stories

BlueScope: Introducing a Global Data Strategy

BlueScope: Introducing a Global Data Strategy

People involved Data Strategy & Governance Lead Data Architect Data Governance Specialist Business Analyst Key statistics 1 Corporate Entity 5 Regions Engagement length 3 monthsClient Background BlueScope, an ASX 50 listed multinational organisation, is one of the...

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Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

Embracing Ethical Values in Our Corporate DNA

Codex was founded with sustainability at its core. Our mission is to positively impact the communities within which we operate, with a focus on environmental conservation and regeneration, social cohesion, and economic growth.

From our Blog

Girls from Oz Visits the Codex Offices

Girls from Oz Visits the Codex Offices

At Codex, we believe in the power of technology to make a positive impact on the world. That’s why we’re committed to using our skills and expertise to support organisations that are making a real difference in the world, and why we elect to support an annual pro bono...

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We have partnered with emerging ESG technology platform, Misio, to more efficiently and transparently set, track and advance our ESG Goals.
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