Codex is a consultancy built for the modern world, distinguished by our impact on our people, clients and community.


If you are looking to kickstart your data program through the incorporation of purpose built business intelligence and data visualisation or you need help to architect and develop your cloud data platform from the ground-up, Codex are the experts you need.

Digital Experience

Whether you are looking for strategic advice to help tackle a digital challenge, want to freshen up an existing user experience or are seeking to build a new digital product from the ground-up, Codex has you covered.

Business Transformation

Whether you are grappling to stay ahead of the curve in a business landscape buffeted by disruption and rapid digital change or you are simply looking to identify and implement process improvements and intelligent automation, Codex can help.


We Lead with Empathy

We use research insights to understand you and your business, employing a human-centred design methodology to put ourselves in the place of your customers to understand their needs.

Triple T-shaped Expertise

We have deep knowledge, skills and experience in the digital experience, data and business transformation domains that is supported by a broad base of ICT knowledge, skills and experience.

Transformational Outcomes

We work with you to deliver meaningful outcomes with impact as quickly as possible that then set you up for continued success.


Solar farm

“On engagement Codex worked with a variety of departments with a calm, professional, consultative, ‘can do’ approach. Their consultants were able to quickly distil complex data flows to smart, automated and reliable solutions. The work they have done has ultimately added to the value of our business by allowing us to mature into an Energy retailer now able to focus on growth rather than compliance.”

Louise Hall
Group Financial Controller, QEnergy


How do our values drive our behaviour at Codex?

How do our values drive our behaviour at Codex?

At Codex we frequently talk about our impact defining our success, and our values driving our impact. In preparation for another ground-breaking year for our business, we spent time with our leadership and advisory teams late last year to break down what this means...

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Quotes our Digital Experience team live by

Quotes our Digital Experience team live by

Our Digital Experience team is constantly inspired by the world around us, with some of our greatest ideas and thoughts happening at the most unexpected times. We wouldn’t be creative experts if we didn’t have a eureka moment in the shower, or a brand new solution...

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