Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Our AI/ML & MLOps capability helps businesses accelerate their innovation and achieve their sustainability goals.
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AI/ML & MLOps: A Comprehensive, Agile, and Sustainable Solution

AI and ML is transforming businesses by enabling them to automate, optimise, improve decision-making, and deliver better customer experiences. However, many businesses struggle to deploy and operationalise ML models at scale.

Codex’s MLOps framework helps data scientists and operations teams work together seamlessly to deploy and manage ML models more quickly and efficiently. And it ensures that models perform consistently in the real world, where they can have a positive impact on businesses and customers.

AI & ML Solutions

Foster innovation in your business through the power of Artificial Intelligence.



Seamlessly build, deploy, monitor, and manage machine learning models for sustained value creation.


MLOps White Paper

Download our framework of six guiding principles that are critical to ensuring a robust and enduring MLOps foundation.


In addition to our technological expertise, we are also committed to sustainability. We leverage the power of AWS 2.0 cloud technologies to build and operate AI/ML pipelines that are scalable, secure, and efficient. And we are actively developing new initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our clients’ AI/ML operations.

Case Studies

BlueScope: Introducing a Global Data Strategy

BlueScope: Introducing a Global Data Strategy

People involved Data Strategy & Governance Lead Data Architect Data Governance Specialist Business Analyst Key statistics 1 Corporate Entity 5 Regions Engagement length 3 monthsClient Background BlueScope, an ASX 50 listed multinational organisation, is one of the...

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