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Data Strategy

Collaborate on how your organisation is going to manage all the information it collects and uses, ultimately helping business succeed.

Set the vision to become data driven: Align organisational objectives with comprehensive data strategies to leverage insights effectively and foster informed decision-making across all facets of operations.

Unearth new business opportunities: Harness data-driven insights to identify emerging market trends, optimise product offerings, and cultivate innovative solutions that address evolving customer needs and preferences.

Assess and improve data maturity: Evaluate your data infrastructure, processes, and capabilities to enhance data quality, accessibility, and utilisation.

Operate at scale: Implement robust infrastructure, automation, and governance frameworks to efficiently process, analyse, and derive actionable insights from large volumes of data across diverse sources and business units.

Chart a pathway to success: Define clear objectives, establish measurable key performance indicators, fostering a culture of data literacy and collaboration, and continuous improvement.

Data Governance

Uplift your data maturity and foster collaboration by embedding lean data governance processes to improve your data quality and regulatory compliance.

Enable business ownership of data: Empower your business units to take responsibility for the quality, integrity, and utilisation of data assets, fostering collaboration and accountability to drive effective data management practices.

Measure, improve and monitor data quality: Implement robust methodologies, tools, and processes to assess, enhance, and continually oversee the accuracy, completeness, consistency, and relevance of data.

Break the organisational silos to improve efficiencies: Leverage strategies and technologies to seamlessly integrate and share data across departments and systems, promoting collaboration, transparency, and efficiency in data management and decision-making processes.

Improve data security: Build in robust protocols, encryption methods, and access controls to safeguard sensitive information and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Manage risk and compliance: Incorporate policies, procedures, and technologies to ensure that data is used ethically, securely, and in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Identify and manage enterprise data: Catalog, classify, and apply policies to ensure the data’s accuracy, accessibility, consistency, and protection across your organisation.

Data Management

Organise and use data effectively to make smarter decisions and achieve greater success.

Centralise and manage critical data: Consolidate data assets into a unified system or repository to enhance accessibility, reliability, and security, while streamlining analysis and decision-making processes.
Manage the data lifecycle: Oversee the entire journey of data, from creation and acquisition through to usage, storage, archiving, and eventual disposal, to ensure its quality, compliance, and value optimisation.
Enable data ecosystems: Create and foster a collaborative environment where internal and external data sources, technologies, and stakeholders interact seamlessly to enhance innovation, efficiency, and value creation.

Data Architecture

The blueprint that outlines how data flows within an organisation, ensuring that information is collected, stored, and utilised efficiently to support your business goals and decision-making processes.

Fit for purpose: Design and implement data systems and structures that precisely meet the specific needs, objectives, and constraints of your organisation, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in achieving business goals.

Right technology mix: Integrate a balanced and cohesive set of technologies that optimally supports your organisation’s data management, processing, and analysis needs, aligning with your strategic objectives and operational requirements.

Ingest and analyse data at scale: Ensure your systems and processes are capable of efficiently collecting, processing, and extracting insights from vast volumes of data, ensuring scalability and performance to meet your evolving business needs.

DataGovOps: Practically implement and manage policies, procedures, and standards that ensure data quality, compliance, security, and effective use across your organisation’s data architecture.

Metadata driven: Leverage metadata to guide the design, operation, and governance of data systems, enabling dynamic management, discovery, and understanding of data assets for improved efficiency and decision-making.

Optimise Opex: Strategically design and manage data systems and processes to reduce ongoing costs, enhance efficiency, and maximise value from data-related operations.

Data Engineering

Build the infrastructure and pipelines necessary to collect, transform, and deliver high-quality data for analysis and decision-making.

Build robust, scalable data pipelines

Create efficient, reliable processes for collecting, processing, and delivering data, designed to handle increasing volumes and complexity without compromising performance or data integrity.

Optimise your workloads on cloud for cost and performance

Design, deploy, and manage cloud resources and services to balance operational costs with computational efficiency, ensuring scalable and effective data processing.

Analytical use cases

Implement data systems and processes aimed at supporting complex data analysis, enabling you to derive insights, make informed decisions, and drive business value from their data assets.

Minimise coexistence with legacy data platforms

Strategically upgrade, integrate, or replace outdated systems with modern data solutions to reduce dependency, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall data architecture’s agility and performance.

Data Migration

Accelerate your move to the cloud by leveraging a repeatable ‘data migration factory’ framework that ensures continuity of operations and minimal disruptions.

Minimise TCO for application migration: Plan and execute the move to new platforms or systems in a way that reduces upfront and ongoing costs, optimises resource usage, and maximises return on investment over the lifecycle of the migrated applications.

Derisk your mergers and acquisitions: Minimise operational disruptions and maximise the strategic value of consolidation through due diligence, planning, and integration strategies to ensure data compatibility, compliance, and integrity.

Scale move from multiple legacy estate to modern applications: Carefully coordinate the phased transfer and transformation of data and systems to ensure seamless integration, minimal downtime, and enhanced performance and scalability in the new environment.

Data Modernisation

Modernise your data platform to a next generation, scalable architecture that empowers business with faster delivery of insights and reporting.

Future proof: Adopt flexible, scalable, and technology-agnostic data architectures and practices that can easily adapt to your evolving business needs, technological advancements, and emerging data trends.

Turbo charge analytics at scale: Drive decision-making in real-time across large datasets through advanced data processing technologies and architectures to significantly enhance the speed, efficiency, and capacity of analytical operations.

Get there, faster: Leverage our accelerators and streamlined implementation approach to fasttrack the transformation and upgrading of your data systems and processes.

Reduce cost, Reduce risk: Minimise financial expenditure and operational vulnerabilities through strategies and technologies that streamline data management processes, enhance security and compliance.

Manage legacy complexity: Systematically assess, rationalise, and update or integrate outdated systems and data structures to simplify the IT landscape, reducing maintenance challenges.


Modernise your data platform to a next generation, scalable architecture that empowers business with faster delivery of insights and reporting.

Enable self-service: Create user-friendly platforms and tools that empower non-technical users to independently access, analyse, and visualise data.

Deliver actionable insights, not just data: Transform raw data into meaningful and practical information through advanced analysis and interpretation, providing stakeholders with clear, relevant recommendations that drive informed decision-making and strategic actions.

Collaborate across silos on insights: Break down your barriers to share knowledge, data, and analytical findings, enabling a cohesive and comprehensive understanding of information that supports unified, strategic decision-making across different departments and functions.

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