UX/UI Research, Design & Service Design

Is your business looking to build, redesign or upgrade a digital product? Codex offers User Experience and Service Design services to ensure that your platform meets the needs of your users.
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Why Engage Codex in UX Research, UI Design or Service Design?

We believe that form and function are not mutually exclusive. Engaging with a consultancy like Codex, that provides full-service design and research capability, ensures that you walk away with a product that not only meets the needs of your business, but your customers and users.


User Experience Research & User Interface Design

Although User Interface (UI) Design and User Experience (UX) Research are terms that are used interchangeably, there are clear distinctions between the two. UX Research is focussed heavily on understanding your customers, their needs and motivations. UI Design refers to the appearance of the graphical interface that these customers interact with.

At Codex, we offer both UX Research and UX/UI Design capability. This means that we can work with your business to provide an end-to-end design solution for your product, website or application.

UX Research Benefits

Understand your customers.
Understand your competitors.
Plan ahead & make informed decisions.
Save time & money prior to Design & Build.

UX & UI Design Benefits

Improve customer satisfaction.
Increase conversion rates (where applicable).
Ensure accessibility & compliance.

Service Design

User Experience and User Interface design on its own isn’t enough to deliver exceptional customer-focussed experiences if the businesses services and processes aren’t designed to support it. At Codex, we proudly focus on your business in its entirety, ensuring that you and your products are set up for sustainability and scalability.

When you engage with our team of UX and UI professionals, we will approach your business and the problem you’re tying to solve from a holistic perspective. Using Service Design methodology, we tackle problems from multiple angles, and deliver recommendations that not only immediately address the issues, but take into consideration the operations, efficiency and scalability of your business.

Service Design Benefits

Increase business efficiency.
Improve internal processes.
Improve customer satisfaction.
Reduce costs and overheads.
Ensure a scalable business model & service offering.

Our UX & UI Services

We’re a leading UX, UI and Service Design consultancy focussed on delivering experiences that are user-focussed.

UX/UI Audits

Know that your digital platform needs work, but not sure where to start? We can conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the user experience and provide a series of recommendations to improve usability, accessibility and aesthetics.

Customer Journey Maps

Understanding how customers are expected to interact on your platform ensures that the experiences delivered to them are tailored to their needs. Customer Journey Maps can range from simple step-by-step visualisations, to complex process maps that document expected outcomes, emotions, thoughts and pain points.

User Stories

User Stories are a crucial starting point that aide the development of functional specifications. They are short, informal descriptions of a feature from the user’s perspective. For example, “As a customer, I want to be able to reset my password online”.

Low-fidelity Wireframes

Before jumping into detailed visual designs, we can work with you to rapidly prototype potential user interfaces for your web application. These simple sketches/digital outlines ensure that stakeholders are aligned, and feature expectations are clear.

High-fidelity Designs

High-fidelity designs are detailed and realistic representations of the user interface. They include real text, imagery and branding. Our comprehensive design methodology ensures that developers have all the mock-ups they need to build the interface.

Interactive Prototypes

We not only use Figma to create high-fidelity designs, but we also use it to turn them into interactive prototypes. This allows you to understand exactly how the platform will behave, prior to building it. These prototypes are also used for User Testing.

User Testing

All of our interface designs go through thorough rounds of user testing. This allows us to identify and resolve any issues prior to build. This could include navigation pathways, confusion due to content/labels and unexpected functionality requirements (e.g. “why can’t I do this?”).

Functional Specifications

Once all high-fidelity designs have been signed off, we will provide you with detailed Functional Specifications. They clearly outline how a feature should work from both a user experience and technical perspective.

Content Strategy

A user interface is only as good as its supporting content. Users should be guided through a platform by useful and informative content (whether text, images, video or a combination of them all). We can assist you in developing the necessary content.

Our Process

At Codex, we believe in the concept of reliable collaboration, which means it’s only through working closely together that we are able to ensure the best outcomes are delivered.

Our three-step process ensures that our projects are delivered on time and to the highest quality. Each project is broken down into a collection of two-week sprints, resulting in fortnightly outcomes with meaningful impact.


Regardless of project size, we always start with Discovery. It ensures that you:

Save time
Save money
Minimise risk
Ensure on-time delivery


Through a collection of activities including low-fidelity/high-fidelity wireframing, user testing, prototyping and content strategising, you will see your user interface come together for the first time.


Once Discovery and Design is complete, we are ready to build your application!

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UX, UI & Service Design FAQs

What is the difference between UX and UI?

UI stands for User Interface, and it refers to the graphical interface that users directly interact with. It contains visual elements including text, images, buttons, menus, videos and more. UX stands for User Experience, and it refers to the touchpoints and journey a user experiences within the digital product. It also often encompasses usability and accessibility concerns, but is not as wide as Service Design.

What is Service Design?

Service Design takes a holistic approach to the interactions between a customer and a business’s services. It encompasses how experiences are managed and maintained by the business (the people, the resources, the processes, etc).

For example, if a customer contacts an organisation through an online support portal, the user experience of the portal is only one piece of the interaction. Behind the scenes there are support staff responding to requests, business processes which document how to handle certain scenarios and an intelligent platform that automatically delegates tickets to teams based on priorities and set criteria.

Can UI Design be conducted on its own?

We do not recommend undertaking UI Design activities without adequate research and planning. If you don’t engage in the necessary Discovery activities, where you understand the user, their pain points and motivations, you will likely design a platform that doesn’t have a clear target market or industry need.

Do you outsource design?

No, we do not outsource any of our services. Everything is conducted right here in Australia, it’s how we guarantee high quality, on-time outputs.

Are your designs mobile friendly?

Yes, the interfaces we design are always created with multiple screen resolutions in mind. You can request us to create interactive prototypes for both desktop and mobile devices, so you can see how your product would look in the hands of different customers.

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