Looking to launch a new web application, integrate multiple systems and processes, or improve your website? Codex’s forward-thinking digital team can help you transform your ideas into reality.
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We work with values-aligned businesses of all shapes and sizes to identify and address some of the biggest challenges they may be facing. Whether your organisation is simply seeking to:

Stay ahead of the competition.
Improve your customer experience.
Increase sales and revenue.
Reduce costs.
Manage compliance.
Enhance employee productivity.

Codex can work with you to see the big picture and formulate and deliver the most appropriate solution.

By leading with empathy and using research-backed insights, we are able to put ourselves in the place of your customers, and to understand their needs. This allows us to understand the solutions and platforms in which you need to invest to then meet those needs. Our user-centred, hypothesis-driven approach enables us to successfully deliver meaningful outcomes with impact as quickly as possible that set our clients up for continued success.

Our digital consulting and research expertise can provide you with tangible solutions and a crystal-clear road map.

Digital Strategy & Advisory

Digital transformation is a complex undertaking, and it can be difficult to manage all the different aspects of the process. Many organisations embark on digital transformation without a clear vision of what they want to achieve or a strategy for how to get there. This can lead to wasted time and resources, and can ultimately derail the transformation effort.

Codex has a team of experienced professionals and tried-and-tested frameworks to ensure that your organisation is set up for success.

Digital Maturity Assessment

What separates the best digital leaders from the rest is a clear digital strategy combined with a culture and leadership poised to drive the transformation.

What separates the most digitally mature organisations from the rest are the investments they make in their workforce development; and how central ‘user focus’ is to their transformation.

We can help your organisation understand how it measures up against these characteristics, and what steps you could be taking to ensure it continues to mature.

Digital Strategy

As a digital and data consultancy, we help our clients transform their businesses through the use of technology.

We have deep experience in digital and data and can help you develop and implement a digital strategy that:

  • Identifies the opportunities and challenges that digital presents for your organisation.
  • Aligns with your business goals.
  • Leverages the latest technologies and best practice.

Technical Feasibility Assessment

We have a proven track record of helping organisations assess the viability of a wide range of digital transformation initiatives, including application modernisation and development, platform comparison and assessment, and platform integration projects.

Engaging us to undertake a technical feasibility assessment will help you to:

  • Make informed decisions about your digital transformation initiatives.
  • Avoid costly mistakes.
  • Get the most out of your investment.


Incorporating gamification into a digital experience – a technique that uses game design elements to engage users in non-game contexts – is a powerful way to engage customers and employees.

Codex’s gamification practise, led by Dr Nicholas O’Donnell, can work with you to translate your business goals into gamified objectives and then collaborate with key stakeholders to design and implement gamified solutions that motivate and engage your users.

Research, Design & Development

In today’s world a digital experience could make or break your business. Whether it’s a website, online application or series of connected services/platforms, your digital offering needs to stand out from the crowd. Investing into digital and customer experience is important, but getting it right can be difficult. It’s not just about making sure things look good, they need to operate flawlessly on multiple devices and be accessible to people of different cognitive and physical abilities.

Codex has a team of passionate and skilled digital experts who can work with you to ensure that your business puts its best foot forward online. Our methodology is grounded in research, consistently prioritising the user’s experience and needs.

Product Development

Our digital discovery, design, and development capability helps organisations to convert strategic road maps into tangible business solutions. This translates to user-centric applications, data-driven platforms, and innovative digital products that deliver real-world impact and propel businesses forward.

Utilising research insights to understand you and your business allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of your customers to understand their needs. Our collaborative, agile approach ensures we deliver meaningful outcomes with impact as quickly as possible.

We are technology-agnostic, and have experience on platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. We leverage modern frontend languages like React and are experts with a variety of design frameworks (such as MaterialUI and Bootstrap).

Website Design & Development

In a digital world where your customers and clients can be found online, you need a website that is functional, well-designed, and customer-focussed.

At Codex, we take pride in our user-centred, approach to website creation. Our goal is to design and build websites that are not only visually appealing but also easy to use, and ensure a positive experience for all users, regardless of the device they’re using. We understand the importance of making information available to everyone, which is why we follow industry-standard accessibility guidelines (like WCAG 2.2 AA).

WordPress on WPEngine is our platform of choice, and we’re able to offer websites that are not only tailored to your immediate needs, but are also flexible enough to evolve as your requirements grow.

Platform Integration & Configuration

If your platforms and systems aren’t configured and/or integrated properly, then they’re likely causing your business and customers more pain than what the systems are worth. The issues introduced by disconnected systems and processes compounds exponentially, resulting in lost time and efficiency, decreased customer and staff satisfaction, and increased costs.

We are experts in integration and configuration, and can work with your business to ensure that not only do your systems talk to each other, but that they are supported by robust business processes and exceptional customer user experiences. Our team of developers have deep experience in using APIs to transfer data between platforms, automate recurring tasks, trigger workflows/ communications and streamline login/ identity management.

UX Research, Design & Testing

Our human-centred design methodology can help you transform the digital experience of your product or service. We’ll take a deep dive into understanding your target audiences and how they are likely to behave.

We’ll then use this research to design a unique digital experience that differentiates you from your competition and forms a meaningful connection with your customers.

Our approach also includes rigorous user testing to validate and refine the digital experience, ensuring it is intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly.

Landing Page & Sales Funnel Design

A beautiful homepage isn’t enough to turn website visitors into paying customers. You need specific, targeted landing pages that speak directly to your target audience and encourage them to take action.

Internet users are constantly bombarded with paid ads, sponsored posts, and promoted search results. Therefore, you need to be able to cut through the noise and capture a person’s interest quickly. We can work with you to write, design and build high-performance landing pages and sales funnels that deliver real results.

We focus on balancing aesthetics with functionality, and can integrate your landing page with leading CRM, analytics and advertising tools (like HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Google Ads).

Case Studies

Impactful Success Stories

Bank Australia: Embarking on a Data-Driven Journey

Bank Australia: Embarking on a Data-Driven Journey

As Australia's first customer-owned bank, Bank Australia prioritises ethical and sustainable practices. Recognising the power of data-driven decision-making to amplify their impact, they partnered with Codex for a purpose-driven data transformation. Codex's...

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Positively Impacting Industries

At Codex, we want to contribute to a healthier planet that fosters thriving communities for generations to come. We know that every choice we make as a business holds power, which is why we prioritise collaborating with value-aligned organisations in high-value industries.

We work with organisations that:

1 Focus on their community

2 Have sustainable development goals

3 Are dedicated to positive, long-lasting societal impacts

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