No matter where you are on your business transformation journey, you can talk to Codex about the problems you are facing and work with industry leading expertise on programs that drive transformational outcomes.

Business Strategy Review

Ensure you apply a top down driven approach to optimising return on investment as defined by your strategic goals.

Capability Anchor Modelling

Capture the capabilities that define you as a business and distinguish your service offering, then develop a strategic alignment heatmap.

Program Flight Plans

Create a considered Program Flight plan, composed of multiple Project Streams integrated with Change Management and Training requirements.

Program Management

The planning is done. Time to execute, prepared for all contingencies, flexing in real time to deliver complex, transformational outcomes; on schedule, on budget.

Project Management

Reliably execute project plans, empowering the team to achieve great results while removing blockers and effectively managing risks and issues.

Business Analysis

Document the as-is and to-be processes, then turn the ensuing gap analysis into a documented set of verifiable requirement statements, all testable, to drive delivery.

Strategy Analysis

Create an objective decision support framework that will optimise the investment required to achieve your goals. Choose the Strategy Analysis framework you prefer: SWOT, PESTLE, Porter’s Five Forces, Scenario Planning or your bespoke method.

Quality Assurance

Build quality into the process from the start with a Test Strategy supported with Test Planning and Test Case development that catches errors at the earliest (cheapest) opportunity.

Change Management

Ensure the success of your business and technology transformation by taking your people on the journey with targeted communications and training.


Stage 1

Identify where you are and where you want to get to


Stage 2

Launching the transformational program


Stage 3

Institutionalising continual improvement


    At Codex, we believe in the concept of reliable collaboration, which means it’s only through working closely together that we are able to ensure the best outcomes are delivered.

    We do this by:

    1. Investing the time to understand the problem
    2. Identifying and discussing potential solutions
    3. Agreeing on and working towards the solution together
    4. Communicating regularly to ensure stakeholder alignment
    5. Measuring success via mutually agreed metrics and KPIs



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