Discover how Codex is delivering sustainable business solutions that are empowering the industries of the future. We work with our clients to overcome key challenges and drive innovation in their industries. Our commitment to sustainability is matched only by our commitment to our clients; ensuring that together we deliver meaningful outcomes for our communities.

We work with value-aligned organisations in high-impact industries.

This means that we are a multiplier for positive social, environmental and economic change. At the core of our mission are the relationships we build with clients in our target industries. We work closely with value-aligned organisations to deliver meaningful impact to their customers and communities. We target industry sectors that are vital to a sustainable and prosperous future for all. This sees us work extensively in Aged Care, Financial Services, Government, Not-for-profit, Technology, Manufacturing, Health, Fitness & Wellness, and Utilities.

Through the guidance of our seasoned experts, we empower our clients to tackle and overcome challenges in these industries; delivering maximum positive impact to the communities they serve.

Our Industries

Aged Care

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Helping providers improve operational efficiency, patient care, and overall quality of life.

Financial Services

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Helping financial services companies navigate the rapidly evolving landscape.


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A trusted partner leveraging our expertise to drive efficiency, innovation, and citizen engagement.


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A proven track record of delivering innovative solutions that address the sector’s challenges.


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Driving digital transformation through innovative solutions that improve efficiency, security and agility.


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Guiding adoption of new technologies such as automation, machine learning & data analytics.

Health, Fitness & Wellness

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Helping organisations improve their operations and deliver better customer experiences.


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Supporting digital transformation that improves efficiency, sustainability, and customer service.

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