How do our values drive our behaviour at Codex?

12 January 2022
by Toby Vann
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At Codex we frequently talk about our impact defining our success, and our values driving our impact.

In preparation for another ground-breaking year for our business, we spent time with our leadership and advisory teams late last year to break down what this means for our company: how it has been driving our growth; and how it can shape our future.

We started by opening up discussion about our core reasons for being in business; both personal & professional. Our shared values are what brought us together, so it was no surprise that they continue to be our binding and driving force as a team.

Empathy. Authenticity. Sustainability.

Through exploring these values we settled on a vision for Codex that places impact at the very heart of our business.

We are a consultancy built for the modern world, distinguished by our impact on our people, clients and community.

We lead with empathy.

We act with the courage of our convictions.

We put people and the planet over profit.

These behaviours not only drive our business, but our decision making, our governance, and the way we engage with our clients and our people. We are accountable to our values.

By leading with empathy and using research insights, we understand you and your business, employing a human-centred methodology to put ourselves in the place of your customers to understand their needs.

We embrace who we are as individuals. Our differences in opinions, cultures and beliefs provides a tangible diversity that blends with our expertise to create our authenticity.

This shines through in our uncompromising approach to successful delivery. We have deep knowledge, skills and experience in the digital experience, data and business transformation domains that is supported by a broad base of ICT knowledge, skills and experience. We use this Triple T-Shaped expertise and work with you to deliver meaningful outcomes with impact as quickly as possible that then set you up for continued success.

At the beginning of the project the team had some reservations and weren’t sure we would be able to meet the targets, but Bill and David (Codex) soon reassured them by having daily stand up meetings, clearly setting the expectations and offering additional support where needed. Throughout the sprint both Bill and David encouraged the team to be innovative, push boundaries and challenge old ways of working in order for us to create a new targeted domestic workforce, within a 6 week timeframe.

Lyndsey Hawthorne – Community Services Manager, Blue Care

But we don’t only care about delivering for our clients – we care about delivering transformational impact on the lives of our people and our wider community. 

We run a people-first consultancy, priding ourselves on our impact on all of our people: their lives and loved ones; their careers; and their health & happiness.

We run a conscious business across impactful industries like healthcare, energy & infrastructure, and sports & fitness.

And guess what?

We love doing it.

Read more about what makes us different in our About section, or Contact Us to find out how our value-driven behaviour can transform your business.