The Key to Unlocking AI & ML at Scale

21 November 2023
by Leticia Segateli
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AI/ML Operations: The key to unlocking the power of AI/ML at scale.

Learn from Codex CEO, Martin Campbell, on the key challenges of scaling AI/ML and how Codex can help.

There are a number of challenges that organisations face when they’re trying to deploy AI/ML operations at scale, and Codex has faced these challenges.

Codex has invested heavily in some product development, and key to that product development is an AI/ML operations framework, and we had to deploy that framework because the product that we’re building relies on a large number of AI models. And those models will increase over time as subscribers into this product increase. And we couldn’t possibly sustain a future where it would take us months to develop new models, months to test those new models and then months to deploy and monitor those models.

So we had to build a framework that was going to allow us to create a model, test a model, deploy a model, monitor that model and monitor that model for data drift, concept drift, and model accuracy automatically. So we built that framework. We know how to deploy that framework. We can readily deploy a reusable framework for an organisation to be able to avail of AI/ML ops at scale.