Codex Volunteers at the FareShare Community Kitchen

29 November 2022
by Toby Vann
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On any given day, more than half a million Australian households struggle to put food on the table. And as the cost of living pressure continues to exert itself, more-and-more vulnerable Australians are relying on organisations like FareShare to avoid going hungry.

Aligning directly with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2: No Hunger, FareShare operates Australia’s largest non-profit kitchens in Melbourne and Brisbane, where chefs and volunteers work hand in hand to cook the best possible meal for every person in need. Volunteers are mobilised daily to assist in cooking free meals from rescued, donated and homegrown ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. FareShare then distributes these meals directly to persons in need and to other distributing organisations.

Codex partnered with FareShare in 2022, and under their guidance, helped prepare more than 1,300 meals that were distributed through FareShare’s network of soup vans, homeless shelters, women’s refuges, First Nations organisations and groups providing disaster relief. 

All the Codex team members who participated described it as a deeply fulfilling experience. And like our annual Plant-a-tree Day, we’re looking forward to returning to FareShare in late 2023 and beyond.