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Ready to be Part of Team Codex?

We’re all about online interviews and a frictionless hiring process. We’re always looking for exceptional talent and would love to receive your application. Let’s uncover how your contribution could make a real difference here at Codex!

An equal voice policy.

We foster an authentic, supportive and collaborative environment, where the best idea wins, regardless of your job title.

A genuine commitment to sustainability.

As our foundational value, sustainability means more to us than just ticking boxes. We invest into our community, look after the environment, and only work with organisations that are doing the right thing for our planet, and everything on it.

We lead with empathy.

This allows us to better understand our people, clients, and their customers, which positions us to deliver meaningful solutions to their problems. It also means we take the time to understand our people, which enables us to better look after them.

We offer real career development.

Promotions aren’t just carrots dangled at the end of a long stick. We collaborate with you to understand and define your professional and personal goals, ambitions and aspirations, and then empower you with the essential tools to reach them.