Welcome to our new office

8 November 2021
by Jason Hill
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It’s been an exciting year at Codex so far, our team has more than doubled in size, and we’ve been busier than ever. This rapid growth meant that it was time for us to upgrade to a larger office space, which we have just moved into. Still based in Fortitude Valley, we are lucky to be working out of Prospect Studios, a beautiful coworking space that has a lot to offer.

With our team spending a lot of time in the office, we wanted to make sure that everyone was able to work in an environment that would not only maximise their productivity but also their comfort and mental health. Here’s what we love about our new office space, and what we think every office should have:

1. Sunlight, and lots of it

The huge wall-to-wall windows that span the entirety of our upstairs office space allow plenty of natural light to illuminate the office throughout the day. Although it mightn’t seem like a big deal, did you know that sunlight has been linked to increased serotonin levels and is thought to help alleviate depression and anxiety? We certainly aren’t fans of living purely off fluorescent light. This abundance of sunlight also means that we are always looking good in our video calls with our team members and clients! 

Large wall-to-wall windows in the Codex office

2. Open plan with ergonomic furniture

The days of being confined to a tiny office cubicle are over! Studies have shown that traditional cubicle and partition style offices are one of the top offenders for productivity and morale killers. The Codex office adopts an open-plan approach, breaking down barriers and encouraging cross-team collaboration. We also frequently utilise our indoor and outdoor meeting spaces for larger gatherings and noisy phone calls, which is great for when we don’t want to disturb the rest of the team.

Paired with our ergonomic chairs, cold aircon, and an awesome couch, our office space is simply a dream!

Our open plan office space with ergonomic chairs

3. Essential equipment

At Codex, we all work from laptops as it allows us to be mobile. However, if you’re a laptop user, you know that working hunched over a small screen for hours isn’t comfortable. That’s why all of our desks have large high definition screens that are perfect for multitasking (or just focusing VERY hard on one task). Paired with wireless keyboards and mice, we are able to position our laptop screens at a comfortable distance away from our eyes, and close to the main screen.

But of course, the most essential piece of equipment in our office is our coffee machine and selection of teas. 

4. Plants!

We think this one is pretty self-explanatory. You can never have too many plants! Did you know that a study conducted by the University of Technology in Sydney found that plants brought a 30% reduction in confusion, a 58% reduction in depression and a 38% reduction in fatigue? Our main work area has 16 plants (last time we counted, although we’ve been known to propagate), which doesn’t include the abundance of plants you’ll find throughout the rest of our office space. So by that logic, our team must be infinitely productive!

Our comfortable couch surrounded by plants

Although an open plan office with plenty of sunlight, plants and ergonomic equipment may seem obvious or trivial, it’s these small things that make a world of difference. This allows us to be comfortable in an environment that allows us to concentrate on the work that we have to do, rather than worrying about or being distracted by annoying inconveniences… like office chairs that you just can’t seem to get at the perfect height or angle!

What are your thoughts, do you love the Codex office as much as us? If you’re a highly motivated, value-driven professional who is empowered by the idea of delivering impact and continuous improvement, then maybe one of our desks has your name on it. Take a look at our LinkedIn page to see our current opportunities: https://www.linkedin.com/company/codex-consulting-group/jobs