The art of transforming big ideas into great products

4 August 2021
by Nicholas O'Donnell
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What do a start-up in a popular community sector, a data-driven business transformation product in the energy retail sector, and an independent performing arts company trying to reimagine the way it connects with its audiences have in common? They all had an interesting idea that Codex has helped develop into a vision for a great product.

Ideas come in all shapes and sizes and they can announce themselves in lots of different ways. They can arrive in the middle of the night, startling you awake from a fitful sleep. They can come in the shower, or while you’re out walking your dog. They often even come while you’re absently staring out the window, or just waiting for the kettle to boil.

Ideas are spirits from the unconscious world. Ideas can’t be consciously thought into existence. Inspiration doesn’t come from perspiration. Ideas are cunning plans sprung from your subconscious; and great ideas are often a prelude to the first steps tentatively taken at the beginning of an exciting new adventure.

Charles Dickens said, “An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.”

But an idea explaining itself is only just the beginning, especially if you have aspirations for turning that idea into something more, like a product that customers love. Because inspiration only gets you so far; and there is a huge difference between an interesting idea and a great product.

Great products require a clear and concise vision that is supported by a clear and simple product strategy. To realise the potential of that product you need to do plenty of cognitive lifting – and that lifting, that thinking, can be hard work.

One of the best ways to do that lifting is to share the hard work and have someone with the right tools give you a hand. And that’s where the team at Codex come in – running Product Vision Workshops for companies that already have a compelling idea but need some help turning that idea into an irresistible product – just like we did with those three examples above.

In a little over two hours, Codex can collaborate with you and your team in a Product Vision Workshop to ideate a product vision that the entire team can believe in. It can also work with you to evolve a high-level product strategy that illustrates how you can realise that vision based around four key pillars: knowing your customers, understanding the value proposition of the product, defining the product’s key features, and articulating your business goals.

Our Product Vision Workshop is just one of the many ‘plays’ we can run from the Codex Playbook, our approach to product development and delivery that leverages proven methods for integrating user-centred design principles with robust technology and business architectures to turn product visions into great products with brilliant customer experiences.

So, if you have an interesting idea just itching to be turned into a great product, or would like to know more about the Codex Playbook, contact us today to organise a complimentary consultation.