Are you constrained by your current data capability? Our data framework is composed of core architectural designs, governance principles and ready-made data components that can be used to expedite your data programs.

Discovery & Analysis

Maximise return from your data assets, uncovering hidden value.

Strategy & Architecture

Develop a roadmap for a sustainable data landscape.

Migration & Reconciliation

Move data with assurance not just confidence.

Infrastructure-less Warehousing

Create a warehouse in the cloud, paying for computing power only when it is used.


Consume data, share data and distribute data… securely.

Governance & Operations

Build governance into your data processing with full operational control.


Turn data into information and empower decision makers in your business.


At Codex, we believe in the concept of reliable collaboration, which means itโ€™s only through working closely together that we are able to ensure the best outcomes are delivered.

We do this by:

  1. Investing the time to understand the problem
  2. Identifying and discussing potential solutions
  3. Agreeing on and working towards the solution together
  4. Communicating regularly to ensure stakeholder alignment
  5. Measuring success via mutually agreed metrics and KPIs
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