Codex Hosts Plant-a-Tree Day

26 August 2023
by Toby Vann
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The loss of trees is a global problem, leading to desertification, climate change and soil degradation. Though many areas of South-East Asia and South America receive international media attention, deforestation and loss of biodiversity remains a significant environmental threat in Australia. Maintaining and increasing tree populations is critical for both flora and fauna biodiversity, as well as the mitigation of the heat-island effect in urbanised areas and the overall regulation of our oxygen cycle. 

SInce 2021, Codex has hosted an annual Plant-A-Tree Day with the support of Hortum Landscaping and the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee. These events see Codex team members, family and friends join together to make a material difference on the crucial biodiversity corridor in the Bulimba Creek Catchment area. Previous events include the Gibson Island Rehabilitation Project, and the Restoration of Salvin Creek, and in 2023 the Codex team came together on 26 August to plant 550 trees at Lambertia Park.

Aligning with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land, our Plant-A-Tree Days have specifically contributed to the:

  • Protection of threatened wildlife including nesting birds, mammals and marine species;
  • Protection of the mangrove-lined waterway from erosion and sedimentation; and
  • Prevention of sedimentation and potential pollution from industrial activities and roadways.

Codex is appreciative of all volunteer contributions to this hands-on community initiative, especially the friends and family of Codex team members who join us every year to help us have an impact on our local community. It is a true embodiment of our foundational value, sustainability, and a hallmark of the Codex events calendar.

We are proud of the positive result this annual event has for our local natural environment, and the meaningful impact this has on our carbon footprint.