Bank Australia: Embarking on a Data-Driven Journey

As Australia’s first customer-owned bank, Bank Australia prioritises ethical and sustainable practices. Recognising the power of data-driven decision-making to amplify their impact, they partnered with Codex for a purpose-driven data transformation.

Codex’s comprehensive approach went beyond technology. We engaged with diverse stakeholders, mapping business needs and high-value use cases across the bank. A data maturity assessment pinpointed key capabilities to strengthen, leading to the development of a customised data strategy and road map. This road map included five strategic initiatives, with the modernisation of the data platform on Azure Databricks taking centre stage.

Focused on delivering rapid value, Codex prioritised use cases and aligned them with platform requirements. This phased approach ensured early insights for the bank while laying a foundation for future use cases and legacy system migration.

The expected outcomes were significant:

Fit-for-purpose data strategy: Tailored to Bank Australia’s unique needs, this strategy sets a clear path for data-driven transformation, backed by actionable recommendations.

Modern and scalable platform: The Azure Databricks-based platform empowers self-service analytics, real-time access, and machine learning, driving future innovation.

Data ownership and governance: Collaborative data governance fosters active business participation and ensures focus on critical areas.

Rapid delivery of value: Bank Australia will experience tangible benefits early on, avoiding past disappointments and paving the way for consistent ROI.

Codex proved to be more than just IT consultants; we became trusted partners in Bank Australia’s data-driven journey, helping them unlock the power of data for a brighter future.

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