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Looking to improve your digital presence, enhance your website’s customer experience, or increase sales and conversions? Codex’s forward-thinking website and integrations team can help you enhance your digital presence.
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Our Capabilities

Website Design & Development

In a digital world where your customers and clients can be found online, you need a website that is functional, well-designed, and customer-focussed. If your website doesn’t effectively communicate with your target audience through relevant written and visual content, then you’re likely leaving money on the table.

It ultimately comes down to a matter of choice – if a customer is new to your brand, you need to be able to convince them to choose you over your competitor. To do that online, you need a high-quality website. Our team of website designers and developers can help you reach your goals.

Landing Page & Sales Funnel Design

A beautiful homepage isn’t enough to turn website visitors into paying customers. You need specific, targeted landing pages that speak directly to your target audience and encourage them to take action.

Internet users are constantly bombarded with paid ads, sponsored posts, and promoted search results. Therefore, you need to be able to cut through the noise and capture a person’s interest quickly. We can work with you to write, design and build high-performance landing pages and sales funnels that deliver real results.

Platform Integration & Configuration

If your platforms and systems aren’t configured and/or integrated properly, then they’re likely causing your business and customers more pain than what the systems are worth. The issues introduced by disconnected systems and processes compounds exponentially, resulting in lost time and efficiency, decreased customer and staff satisfaction, and increased costs.

We are experts in integration and configuration, and can work with your business to ensure that not only do your systems talk to each other, but that they are supported by robust business processes and exceptional customer user experiences.

Case Studies

BlueScope: Introducing a Global Data Strategy

BlueScope: Introducing a Global Data Strategy

People involved Data Strategy & Governance Lead Data Architect Data Governance Specialist Business Analyst Key statistics 1 Corporate Entity 5 Regions Engagement length 3 monthsClient Background BlueScope, an ASX 50 listed multinational organisation, is one of the...

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