Enterprise Data Migration

Navigate data transitions seamlessly with Codex's Enterprise Data Migration service, built upon a reusable Data Migration Factory framework. Minimise disruptions, enhance data integrity, and unlock new technologies for improved efficiency and innovation.
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With organisations rapidly moving their applications and systems to the cloud, it is critical that the associated data is also migrated efficiently. However, data migration is a complex endeavour as:

It is often poorly planned, underestimated and left as a tail end activity in transformation programs.
It involves not only just lifting data from legacy to the cloud, but also the accurate mapping and conversion of data, so it can support modern business processes on the new system/s.
Data is usually fragmented across multiple legacy systems without clear ownership or documentation, which makes it hard to find and analyse the right information to migrate.
The downstream consumers of data are not always known and documented, leading to a negative experience for business consumers and customers following migration.
Poor data quality in legacy systems built over time is often not fit for purpose to support new processes.
Finally, it is treated as a technical activity, where it equally requires people and process to be successful.

Our Enterprise Data Migration service tackles this challenge by orchestrating seamless data transitions, minimising disruptions, and ensuring data integrity. Leveraging Codex’s Data Migration Factory framework, our experts ensure a smooth transition by meticulously planning and executing data migrations. We prioritise data integrity and security, allowing your organisation to embrace new technologies and drive innovation.

With Codex’s Enterprise Data Migration service, you reduce downtime, ensure data accuracy, and position your organisation for digital transformation. Seamlessly transition to new data environments and unlock new possibilities.

Engaging Codex’s Data Migration service can help your organisation to:

Assess your data landscape, identify challenges, and define migration goals.

Develop a clear migration strategy that aligns with your overall business objectives.

Transform and migrate your data to ensure it is fit for purpose for your new systems/s.

Ensure compliance with relevant industry regulations and security standards.

Monitor and address any roadblocks promptly.

Optimise processes to reduce interruptions and minimise downtime.

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