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Unlock the potential of your organisation’s data with Codex's Data Strategy service. At Codex, we offer a tailored approach which aligns with your business goals, drives growth, innovation, and efficiency.

Data Strategy: Charting the Path to Data Success

In this modern age, data has emerged as the ultimate source of differentiation for organisations. Regardless of which industry you operate in, data can help you create innovative ways to generate more value across your value chain.

However, most organisations face business and IT challenges to exploit their data. Data is usually siloed within business units, without clear ownership, documentation or even definitions, which impedes the generation of cross-functional insights. Further, data is often fragmented across IT systems, with legacy technology stacks and poor integration, which again adds to the complexity of managing and analysing data.

Why Engage Codex to Assist with your Data Strategy?

A well-crafted data strategy can help address these issues, chart the vision and set the right foundations for managing and exploiting your data assets. However, traditionally, consulting firms have been guilty of creating one size fits all ‘management slideware’, which is usually technology centric and fails to convey business value. Further, these strategies are often defined at a high level, without any details for actual implementation, which creates roadblocks for execution.

At Codex, we firmly believe that the true value from any data strategy comes from the impact it creates for the business. Our tailored approach involves understanding our client’s business strategy and objectives, which helps us carve out key areas of focus from our data strategy framework. This allows us to create a customised approach which focuses on creating value, and helps create alignment and buy-in from stakeholders across different functions.

Our research driven methodology allows us to use an empathy-led approach to capture the ‘Voice of the Customer’ by understanding current pain points, as well as future state ambitions from representation across the organisation. We help capture detailed data use cases, which are then prioritised to help define the key data initiatives on a detailed roadmap.

This approach has helped several of our clients to:

Understand their current and aspirational data maturity across key tenets of data platform, data governance, data management and operating model.

Understand key use cases, pain points and aspirations relating to data and analytics across the organisation.

Define the key data initiatives, including technology selection (where relevant).

Create a detailed, prioritised roadmap for execution of data initiatives, which enable incremental delivery of value.

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