Data Governance

Strengthen data integrity, security, and compliance with Codex's Data Governance service. Establish robust frameworks for reliable, accurate, and compliant data.

Data Governance: Ensuring Data Integrity and Compliance

Data Governance is usually an afterthought within organisations – and for a reason! It is hard to quantify its value and get buy-in from business stakeholders, who often perceive data governance as a low-value compliance activity in their already busy schedules. Moreover, unlike a flashy dashboard or a cool AI use case, it is not something which can be shown to wow the business. It is dull, it is mundane, however it is important. If data is the new oil, data governance is what determines its quality, which ultimately determines how your machine (i.e. your business) functions.

Our approach to Data Governance acknowledges this fact, which helps us to address this differently using an empathy based approach. We believe in a lean, fit for purpose data governance model which provides the right balance between business involvement and data risk management. With Codex’s Data Governance service, you establish strong data foundations, enhancing data quality, security, and compliance.

Codex can help uplift your data governance maturity by:

Assessing your data policies, procedures, and practices to understand strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
Developing a robust, fit for purpose data governance framework aligned with your organisation’s objectives.
Helping you establish data governance practices that comply with industry regulations and privacy standards, safeguarding your reputation and customer trust.
Defining clear roles and responsibilities for data ownership across your organisation.
Implementing data quality standards, validation processes, and automated controls that result in cleaner, more trustworthy data assets.
Measuring the impact of data governance efforts.

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