Cloud Feasibility Assessment

Codex’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Feasibility Assessments are tailored to help your business make informed decisions about your potential cloud adoption or expansion.
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Organisations are constantly seeking ways to increase efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in their IT infrastructure.

However, navigating the complex world of cloud services can be overwhelming, especially when trying to determine which cloud solution is right for your unique business needs. Lack of in-house knowledge, uncertainty about cost implications, data migration challenges, and potential disruptions to current operations are some of the problems that organisations face when considering a shift to the cloud or expanding and integrating with their existing cloud infrastructure.

Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Feasibility Assessment is tailored to help you navigate these concerns and make informed decisions about your potential cloud adoption or expansion. At Codex, we understand there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to designing a cloud solution for your unique business needs.


What is Involved in a Cloud Feasibility Assessment?

An AWS Cloud Feasibility Assessment typically includes the following activities:

We conduct workshops with your teams to understand your unique business needs, technical requirements, and objectives.

Our team of experienced engineers and architects assess the compatibility of your existing systems with AWS services and identify potential roadblocks.

We examine your security requirements and regulatory constraints. And provide advice on the AWS services and configurations that best align with your compliance needs.

We provide a comprehensive report and road map outlining the feasibility, estimated costs, and recommended steps for a successful cloud adoption or expansion journey.

What are the Benefits of a Cloud Feasibility Assessment?

Our expert recommendations, tailored to your specific needs, will empower you to confidently make informed decisions, mitigate risks, drive innovation, and realise the following benefits:

Informed Decision Making

Our AWS Cloud Feasibility Assessment provides clear insights into the potential benefits and challenges of migrating to AWS, enabling you to make an informed decision for your cloud migration in the context of the six R’s. Empowering an objective decision framework for the future of your application landscape.

Risk Mitigation

By identifying potential roadblocks and compatibility issues in advance, we help you mitigate risks and avoid mistakes during the actual migration or implementation.

Cost Optimisation

Our analysis helps you understand the financial implications of cloud adoption or implementation.

Accelerated Innovation

By laying out a clear road map for cloud, we help you accelerate your digital transformation and innovation efforts, positioning your business for future growth.

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