16 September 2021

Providing a cloud-based unified data warehouse leveraging Lambda and Snowflake

Ion Holdings is a group of electricity retailers including the subsidiary entities QEnergy, People Energy and Mojo Power.

Electricity retailers in Australia operate in a highly regulated market. The cost of energy to the retailers is externally set, as is the retailers margin. Successful retailers rely on balancing low margins with high volumes. Critical to this is being able to analyse their data economically and accurately in order to operate in a genuinely agile manner.

Our goal was to design, develop and implement a solution that provided Ion Holdings with a single data view for pricing, accounting, operations and financial reporting covering all three entities.


Codex emphasised the importance of being able to rapidly deliver tangible outcomes to build credibility in the approach with key business stakeholders. Within two weeks, we had established a unified data warehouse in production which provided noticeable capability uplift. The choice of technology stack needed to be cloud-based, low-cost, easy to maintain and scalable. For these reasons, we worked with AWS Lambda to provide on demand ETL on a continuous basis and Snowflake which detaches processing from data. Metabase was later integrated to provide easy to use data visualisation and presentation capability.

Success Measures

  • Increase in efficiency through the redundancy of repetitive and manual takes for reporting
  • Business reporting on demand across entities and visible to management
  • Rapid delivery of information clarity from disparate and conflicting data sources, providing significantly improved financial governance

Our Client’s Reaction

“Ion Holdings receives a high volume of data from upwards of 13 external sources, as well as our internal billing platform.

“The group was compiling results, analysing data and complying with the needs of our external regulators using predominantly excel spreadsheets and SQL queries. As a result our reporting was slow and cumbersome. Frequent revisions were required and reporting on parameters “outside of the box” all but impossible.

“On engagement Codex worked with a variety of departments with a calm, professional, consultative, ‘can do” approach. Their consultants were able to quickly distil complex data flows to smart, automated and reliable solutions. The work they have done has ultimately added to the value of our business by allowing us to mature into an Energy retailer now able to focus on growth rather than compliance.”

Louise Hall, Group Financial Controller.


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