Serverless Computing Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

28 November 2023
by Leticia Segateli
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Serverless computing doesn’t just address the cost of your infrastructure.

In our latest Future Focus video, listen to Codex CEO, Martin Campbell on why we’re obsessed with sustainability and why we believe AWS 2.0 is the best way to have a genuinely positive impact on your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Codex has as one of its values sustainability, and it’s absolutely built into our ethos. Everything we do is about sustainability and we love giving our people a chance to deliver impactful solutions and impact can be measured by the impact on our customers, the impact on our customers customers, the impact on the community in which we operate, our customers operate, and ultimately the impact on the climate and the planet.

So sustainability is big for us and we love AWS 2.0 serverless architecture because it allows us to deploy solutions that are not using infrastructure. They’re not running up energy bills when there’s no customer demand. We can scale right back to nearly nothing. When there’s no customer demand that has a positive impact on the carbon footprint of our customers.