Considering Adopting Serverless Computing

25 November 2023
by Leticia Segateli
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We love serverless computing at Codex – not just because it can lead to significant cost savings for businesses but because it can also help you to reduce your environmental impact.

In our latest Future Focus video, listen to Codex CEO, Martin Campbell on the two key pieces of advice he gives to businesses before they commence on their serverless computing journey.

So we love serverless computing at Codex, but it’s non-trivial. And the advice I give to businesses that are considering adopting serverless computing is twofold. One is consider it from a holistic perspective. So it’s not just about infrastructure. The days of the infrastructure team, you know, the old tail wagging the dog of the business are long gone. It’s holistic.

So you need to consider the development efficiency, the deployment efficiency and the production efficiency. And so when you consider this, you need to it’s invaluable to run a proof of concept just to show how you can get an efficient development process and efficient production operating cost through a serverless architecture. So that’s the first thing. Consider it holistically. It’s not an infrastructure issue.

Secondly, it’s a challenge to the finance team. Finance team love to have fixed costs, fixed predictable costs. Let’s face it. In IT there’s never a fixed cost by the time we get to the end of financial year. Something always blows out and it’s time for the finance team to be taken on this journey of what serverless can do.

And what serverless can do is reduce your total operating cost. It won’t give you that predictable day on day, week on week, month on month operating cost because you’re not using fixed infrastructure capacity anymore. It’s going to scale elastically. So that means the bill is going to go down. It is not going to stay high and you need to take finance on that journey.